We Create your Home.

We are passionate about building homes and we take pride in our work

At Sree Chaitanya we are passionate and dedicated to build highest quality homes and business spaces for our esteemed clients and partners. Our knowledge, experience, and attention to detail embodies every aspect of our work. We have the extensive personal interest necessary to ensure high quality work and best service. Every project we undertake is thoroughly planned and executed by experts who know your construction needs and work closely with you and the design team to ensure the best product.

We are based out of Hyderabad. We have built our reputation on promises we kept. Based on the solid foundation of quality workmanship and effective construction management, Sree Chaitanya Constructions strives hard to exceed the expectations of our esteemed clients. We build our work based on the best practices of the construction industry. We take our projects very seriously and with our systematic and whole-hearted approach, efficiently accomplish our objectives.

We are always looking for new ideas and innovations in construction industry, if you have something to share with us, feel free to connect with us.

Meet the Team

Chaitanya Chinnam

Founder & CEO

Chaitanya is an MSc in Engineering & Management from Coventry University (UK). He founded this company in 2011.

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Dr. Chinnam Rama Kotaiah


Dr. Chinnam is the pillar of strength for Sree Chaitanya Constructions, he is the visionary and has 33 yrs of industry experience.

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What Sree Chaitanya is about?

Great Architecture
Good Construction
Great Quality
Amazing Ambience
Long Lasting

Our Fields of Expertise

   Sree Chaitanya is a Multifaceted Company

Sree is diverse and suitable for a wide variety of homes that you will love.

   Feature Rich and High Quality Homes

It ships with plenty of customizable interface elements ready to use that can further be customized by you.

   Plenty of features and elements for you

Tons of features and beautifully crafted elements included to choose from, how cool is that?